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CD collection: BRITISH FOLK & ROCK

Aardvark Aardvark 1970. Esoteric Records


Amazing Blondel  And few faces 1969.  Prog. Temple  
Amazing Blondel (2 album in 1 cd) Evensong 1970.  B.G.O. Records  
  Fantasia Lindum 1971.  B.G.O  
Amazing Blondel (2 album in 1 cd) England 1972.  B.G.O.  
  Blondel 1973.  B.G.O.  
Academy Pop Lore according to... 1969.  Air male archive Japan  
Albion Country Band Battle of the field  1973.  B.G.O  
Albion Dance Band The prospect before us 1976.  B.G.O  
Arthur, Dave & Toni  Morning stands on tiptoe 1967.  Cherry Tree Records  
Affinity Affinity 1970.  Angel Air Recrds  
Affinity 1971-72. 1971-72. Angel Air  
Affinity  4 cd box 1965-72 Esoteric  
Audience same 1969 Esoteric  
Audience Friends, Friends, Friend 1970.  Esoteric  
Audience House on the hill 1971.  Esoteric  
Audience Lunch 1972.  Esoteric  
Armageddon same 1974.  Esoteric  
Auger, Brian Trinity Street noise 1969.  Yellow label  
Auger, Brian (2 cd) The mod years 1965-69.  Yellow label  
Axe Live & Studio 1969.  Siwan Korea  
Adromeda Andromeda 1969.  Green Tree records  
Arzachel Arzachel 1969.  Acarma IT  
Arcadium Breathe awhile 1969.  Repertoire  
Animals Love is 1968.  Repertoire  
Atomic Rooster: Sleeping for years-The studio recordings (4 cd/box) same 1970. Esoteric  
  Death walks behind you 1970.  Esoteric  
  In hearing off 1971. Esoteric  
  Made in England 1972. Esoteric  
  Nice and greasy 1973. Esoteric  
Ashkan In from the cold 1972.  Estrella rockers EU  
Aquila same 1970.  T.R.C. rec. D  
Argent All together now 1972.  Esoteric  
Almond, Johnny Music Machine Patent Pending 1969.  Esoteric  
Ayers Kevin & the whole world Shooting at the moon 1970. Water EMI USA  
Beatles Please please me 1963. E.M.I.  
Beatles With the Beatles 1963. E.M.I.  
Beatles A hard day's night 1964. E.M.I.  
Beatles For sale 1964. E.M.I.  
Beatles Help 1965. E.M.I.  
Beatles Rubber Soul 1965. E.M.I.  
Beatles  Revolver  1966. E.M.I.   
Beatles (2 cd) Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band 1967. E.M.I.  
Beatles Magical Mystery Tour 1967. E.M.I.  
Beatles (2 cd) The Beatles (White album) 1968. E.M.I.  
Beatles Yellow Submarine 1969. E.M.I.  
Beatles Abbey Road 1969. E.M.I.  
Beatles Let it be 1970. E.M.I.  
Beatles (2 cd) "Red album" 1962-1966. 1973. E.M.I.  
Beatles (2 cd) "Blue album" 1967-1970. 1973. E.M.I.  
Beatles (2 cd) Live at the BBC 1962-65. Universal  
Beatles 1 1962-70 Universal  
Burdon, Eric & The Animals (5 cd / BOX) When I was young - The MGM recordings 1967-68. Esoteric  
  Winds of change 1967. Esoteric  
  The twain shall meet 1968. Esoteric  
  Every one of us 1968. Esoteric  
  Love is 1968. Esoteric  
Bunyan, Vashti Just another diamond day 1970.  Di Christina Revolver USA  
Briggs, Anne A collection 1963-71. Topic  
Briggs, Anne The time has come 1971.  Sony BMG Water USA  
Briggs, Anne Sing a song for you 1973. Fledg'ling Records  
Bread Love & Dreams same 1969.  Hugo Montes Production  
Bread Love & Dreams Strange tale of Captain Shannon 1970.  Sunbeam Records  
Bread Love & Dreams Amaryllis 1971. Won Sin South Korea  
Brett, Paul Sage same 1970.  Esoteric  
Brett, Paul Sage Jubilation foundry 1971. Esoteric  
Bronco (2 album in 1 cd) Country Home 1970.  B.G.O.  
  Ace of Sunlight 1971.  B.G.O.  
Beck, Jeff Group Truth 1968.  Sony BMG  
Beck, Jeff Group Beck-Ola 1969.  Sony BMG  
Beck, Bogert & Appice Live 1973.  Sony Music Japan  
Brown, Pete & his Battered Ornaments ( A meal you can shake hands 1969.  B.G.O. (2 cd)  
Battered Ornaments ( Mantle Piece 1969.  B.G.O. (2 cd)  
Brown, Pete & Piblokto  (2 cd) Things May Come ( 1969.  B.G.O.   
  Thousands on a raft ( 1970.  B.G.O.  
Blossom Toes If only for a moment 1969.  Sunbeam  
Beggars Opera: The Vertigo years Anthology (3 album in 2 cd) Act One 1970.  Esoteric  
  Waters of change 1971.  Esoteric  
  Pathfinder 1972  Esoteric  
Bakerloo same 1969.  Esoteric  
Blodwyn Pig Ahead rings out 1969.  E.M.I.  
Blodwyn Pig Getting to this 1970.  B.G.O  
Black Sabbath (2 cd) same 1970.  B.M.G.  
Black Sabbath (2 cd+dvd) Paranoid 1970. Sanctuary  
Black Sabbath (2 cd) Master of reality 1971. B.M.G.  
Black Sabbath Vol.4. 1972. B.M.G.  
Black Sabbath Sabbath, boody Sabbath 1973. B.M.G.  
Bachdenkel Lemmings by... 1970. World Wilde Rec.  
B.B.Blunder Workers Playtime 1971.  Sunbeam (2 cd)  
Black Widow Sacrifice 1970.  Repertoire  
Bardens, Peter The Answer 1970.  Esoteric  
Bardens, Peter same 1971.  Esoteric  
Blind Faith same 1969.  Polygram D  
Black Cat Bones Barbed Wire Sandwich 1970.  B.G.O.  
Bown, Alan Stretching out 1971. Esoteric  
Back Door ( same 1972.  B.G.O. (2 cd)  
Back Door ( 8th street nites 1973.  B.G.O. (2 cd)  
Back Door ( Another fine mess 1974.  B.G.O. (2 cd)  
Blonde on Blonde Contrasts 1969.  Esoteric  
Blonde on Blonde Rebirth 1970.  Esoteric  
Brown, Arthur (2 cd) The Crazy World of A.B. 1968. Esoteric  
Brown, Arthur Crazy World of.. Strangelands 1969.-70. Esteric  
Brown, Arthur Kingdom Come Galactic Zoo Dossier 1971. Esoteric  
Brown, Arthur Kingdom Come same 1972.  Esoteric  
Babe Ruth (2 album in 1 cd) First Base 1972.  B.G.O  
  Amar Caballero 1973.  B.G.O  
Babe Ruth (2 album in 1 cd) same, Stealin' home 1975. B.G.O  
Bowie, David The man who sold the world 1970.  Parlophone   
Bowie, David Hunky Dory 1971.  Parlophone  
Badger One live Badger 1972. Esoteric  
Bonzo Dog Band (5 album in 3 cd) A dog's life; The albums 1967-72.   Parlophone  
   Gorilla 1967.    
  The doughnut in granny's greenhouse 1968.    
  Tadpoles 1969.    
  Keynsham 1969.    
  Let's make up and be friendly 1971.    
Budgie same 1971. NPL UK  
Budgie Never turn your back on a friend 1973.  NPL UK  
Bond, Graham (2 album in 1 cd) Holy Magick 1970. B.G.O.  
  We put our magick on you 1971. B.G.O.  
Bodast Towards Utopia 1969. Esoteric  

Barclay James Harvest

3 cd+1 dvd / box

same 1970. Esoteric  
Broughton, Edgar Band Original Album series  5 cd/ box Warner  
  Wasa Wasa 1969. Warner  
  Sing brother sing 1970. Warner  
  same 1971. Warner  
  In side out 1972. Warner  
  Oora 1973. Warner  
Collins, Shirley & Davy Graham Folk roots new routes 1964. Fledg'ling  
Collins, Shirley The sweet primeroses 1967.  Topic  
Collins, Shirley The power of the true love knot 1967. Fledg'ling  
Collins, Shirley & Dolly ( Anthems in eden 1969.  E.M.I.  
Collins, Shieley & Dolly ( Love, Death and the Lady 1970.  E.M.I.  
Collins, Shirley & Dolly ( Amarant 1976.  E.M.I  
Collins, Shirley and Albion Country Band No Roses 1971. Castle-Sanctuary rec.  
Collins, Shirley Adieu to old England 1974.  Fledg'ling  
Chapman, Michael (2 cd) Rainmaker 1969.  B.G.O.  (  
  Fully qualified survivor 1970.  B.G.O. (  
Chapman, Michael (2 cd) Window 1971.  B.G.O. (  
  Wrecked again 1972.  B.G.O. (  
Chapman, Michael  Millstone grit 1973.  B.G.O.  
Carthy, Martin Second Album 1966.  Topic  
Carthy, Martin & Dave Swarbrick Bykerhill 1967.  Topic  
Carthy, Martin & Dave Swarbrick But two came by 1968.  Topic  
Carthy, Martin & Dave Swarbrick Prince Heathen 1969.  Topic  
Carthy, Martin Shearwater 1972.  Castle-Sanctuary Rec.  
Comus (2 cd)-Song to Comus: First Utterance ( 1971.   Castle-Sanctuary Rec.  
  To Keep from Cying ( 1974.  Castle-Sanctuary Rec.  
Comus First Utterance 1971.  B.G.O  
Comus First Utterance 1971. Esoteric  
Comus /dedicated cd/ Out of the coma 1972 & 2012. Coptic Cat records  
Clannad same 1972.  Spectrum Universal  
Clannad (2 cd) 2. 1974.  Gael Linn  
  Dúlamán 1976. Gael Linn  
Cochise (2 cd) Cochise ( 1970.  Esoteric  
  Swallow tales ( 1971.  Esoteric  
  So far ( 1972.  Esoteric  
Chieftains 3. 1971. (Irish) Claddagh Rec.Irish  
C.O.B. Moyshe McStiff & The Tartan Lancers 1972.  Sunbeam  
Contraband same 1973. Scot. Sanctuary  
Christmas, Keith Fable of the wings 1970.  Talking Elephant   
Compleat Dancing Master same 1974.  Fledg'ling  
Continuum same 1971.  Walhalla  
Colosseum Those who are about to die salute you 1968. Esoteric  
Colosseum (2 album in 2 cd) Valentine Suite + Grass is greener 1969. Esoteric  
Colosseum Daughter of time 1970.  Esoteric  
Colosseum Live 1971. Castle Sanctuary   
Colosseum Live 1971. Esoteric (2 cd)  
Cream (4 cd/ BOOK) Fresh Cream 1966. Polydoor  
Cream (2 cd) Disraeli Gears 1967. Polydoor  
Cream Wheels of Fire 1968. Polydoor Polygram 2 cd  
Cream  Live Cream vol-I. 1968.  Poligram Universal  
  Live Cream vol-II. 1968.  Poligram Universal  
Clouds (2 cd) Scrapbook ( 1968-69.  B.G.O.  
  Up above our heads ( 1969-70.  B.G.O.  
  Watercolour days ( 1970-71.  B.G.O.  
Clark-Hutchinson (3 album in 2 cd) A=MH2 1969.  Esoteric  
  Retribution 1970.  Esoteric  
  Gestalt 1971.  Esoteric  
Catapilla same 1971. Green Tree Records  
Catapilla Changes 1972.  Repertoire  
Catapilla (2 cd) same 1971. Click USA  
  Changes 1972. Click USA  
Cressida (2 cd - The vertigo years anthology 1969-71.) Cressida ( 1970.  Esoteric  
  Asylum ( 1971.  Esoteric  
Circus same 1969.  Esoteric  
Climax Blues Band same 1968. Esoteric  
Climax Blues Band Plays on 1969. Esoteric  
Climax Blues Band A lot of bottle 1970.  Esoteric  
Climax Blues Band Tightly knit 1971.  Esoteric  
Climax Blues Band FM/Live 1973.  Esoteric  
Czar same 1970.  Sunbeam  
Curved Air (2 cd) Air conditioning 1970. Esoteric  
Curved Air (cd + dvd) Second album 1971. Esoteric  
Curved Air (cd + dvd) Phantasmagoria 1972. Esoteric  
Curved Air Air Cut 1973.  Repertoire  
Curved Air Lovechild 1973.  Repertoire  
Curved Air Live 1974. Repertoire  
C.M.U. Open spaces 1971.  Strange Day Rec.Japan  
C.M.U. Space Cabaret 1972.  Esoteric  
Chicken Shack Imagination Lady 1971.  Esoteric  
Chicken Shack "Goodby" feat. Stan Webb 1973.  Esteric  
Caravan If I could di it all... 1970.  Decca Universal   
Caravan In the Land of Grey and Pink 1971. Decca Universal  
Caravan Waterloo Lily 1972. Decca  
Caravan For girls who grow plump in the night 1973. Decca  
Caravan The new symphonia 1973. Decca  
Charge same 1973.  Kissing Spell  
C.C.S.: The C.C.S story (3 album in 2 cd) same 1970. Esoteric  
  C.C.S II. 1971.  Esoteric  
  The best band in the land 1973.  Esoteric  
Corries (2 album in 1 cd) In concert 1969. B.G.O.  
  Scottish love songs 1969. B.G.O.  
Corries (2 cd) Strings and things ( 1970.  B.G.O.  
  A little of what you fancy (


Cross, Keith & Ross Peter Bored Civilians 1972.  Esoteric  
Clear blue sky same 1970.  Repertoire  
Camel same 1973.  Universal  
Cocker, Joe With a little help from my friends 1969. A&M Universal  
Dada same 1970.  Esoteric  
Denny, Sandy The north star grassman 1971.  Island Masters  
Denny, Sandy Sandy 1972.  Island Remasters  
Denny, Sandy Like an old fashioned Waltz 1973.  Island Remasters  
Dr. Strangely Strange Kip of the Serenes 1969.  Hux Records  
Dr. Strangely Strange Heavy petting 1970.  Repertoire  
Dubliners (3 album on 2 cd) same 1964. B:G.O.  
  In concert 1965. B.G.O:  
  Finnegan wakes 1966. B.G.O:  
Dando Shaft (2 album in 1 cd) same 1971.  B.G.O  
  Lantaloon 1972.  B.G.O  
Dulcimer And I turned 1971.  Progressive line Australia  
Decameron Say hello to the band 1973.  Esoteric  
Decameron Mammoth Special 1974.  Esoteric  
Donovan Greatest hits 1969.  Sony Music  
Deep Purple Shades of... 1968. Eagle  
Deep Purple The book of Taliesyn 1968. Eagle  
Deep Purple same 1969. Sheridan Square  
Deep Purple In rock 1970.  E.M.I.  
Deep Purple (2 cd) Live in Stockholm 1970. Edel  
Deep Purple Fireball 1971. Parlophone  
Deep Purple Live in long Beach 1971. Edel  
Deep Purple (2 cd) In concert BBC 1970 & 72. E.M.I  
Deep Purple (2 cd) Machine head 1971. E.M.I.  
Deep Purple Made in Japan 1972. Universal  
Deep Purple (2 cd) Live in Copenhagen 1972. Edel  
Deep Purple Who do we think we are 1973. E.M.I.  
Deep Purple (2 cd) Live in London 1974. Warner  
Deep Purple Live in Graz 1975. Edel  
Deep Purple (2 cd) Live in Paris 1975. Edel  
Deep Purple (2 cd) Live in Long Beach 1976. Edel  
Dunbar, Aynsley Dr. Dunbar's prescription 1968.  MCA one way rec. USA  
Dunbar, Aynsley (2 cd) To mum from Aynsley & the boys 1969.  Blue label  
  Remains to be heard 1970.  Blue label  
Derek and the Dominos (2 cd) Live at the fillmore 1970. Polygram  
Deviants same 1969.  Esoteric  
Dark Round the edges 1972.  Kissing Spell  
Diabolus same 1972.  Witch & Warlock D  
Delivery Fools meeting 1970. Cuneiform Rec.  
Driscoll, Julie same 1969.  One Way Rec.Polygram  
Downes, Bob Open Music Electric City 1970.  Esoteric  
Dog that bit people same 1971.  Esoteric  
John Dummer Band (2 cd) Famous Music Band 1970.   B.G.O. (  
  Blue 1972.   B.G.O. (  
John Dummer Band (2 cd) Cabal 1968.  B.G.O. (  
  same 1969.  B.G.O. (  
Derek & the Dominos (2 cd) Layla.... 1970. Polydor rec.  
Dransfield The fiddler's dream 1976. Talking Elephant  
East of Eden  Mercator projected 1969.  Esoteric  
East of Eden Snafu 1970.  Esoteric  
East of Eden same 1971. Repertoire  
Emerson,Lake & Palmer 2 cd same 1970.  B.M.G.   
Emerson, Lake & Palmer 2 cd Pictures at an exhibition 1971.  B.M.G.  

Emerson, Lake & Palmer 2 cd

Tarkus 1971.   B.M.G.  
Emerson, Lake & Palmer 2 cd Trilogy 1972.  B.M.G.  
Emerson Lake & Palmer 2 cd Brain Salad Surgery 1973.  B.M.G.  
Egg same 1969.  Esoteric  
Egg The polite force 1970.  Esoteric  
Every which way Brian Davison's Every which way 1970.  Esoteric  
Eclection same 1968.  Esoteric  
E.L.O. E.L.O. II. 1972.  Sony B.M.G.  
Fairport Convention same 1968.  Island Remasters  
Fairport Convention What we did on our holyday 1969.  Island Masters  
Fairport Convention Hey day BBC sessions 1968-69.  Island Masters  
Fairport Convention Unhalfbricking 1969.  Island Remasters  
Fairport Convention Liege & Lief 1969.  Island Masters  
Fairport Convention Fullhouse 1970.  Island Masters  
Fairport Convention House full live 1970. Island Masters  
Fairport Convention  Angel delight 1971.  Island   
Fairport Convention Fairport nine 1973.  Island Remasters  
Fairport Convention Live 1974. Island Masters  
Fairport Convention: 5 Classic Albums 1971-75.  5 cd / box:               Island records  
  Angel Delight 1971.    
  "Babbacombe" Lee 1971.    
  Rosie 1973.    
  Nine 1973.    
  Rising for the moon 1975.    
Family Music in a doll's house 1968.  Pucka  
Family Entertainment 1969.  Pucka  
Family A song for me 1970. Madfish  
Family Dogg (2 cd) A way of life Anthology 1967-76.  Cherry Red  
Forest (2 cd) same ( 1969.  B.G.O  
  The full circle ( 1970.  B.G.O.  
Fotheringay same 1970.  Fledg'ling  
Fotheringay 2. 1970. Fledg'ling  
Fuchsia same 1971.  Night Wings Rec. IT  
Fresh Maggots same 1971.  Sunbeam  
Fire The Magic shoemaker 1970.  Esoteric  
Fry, Mark Dreaming with Alice 1972.  Sunbeam  
Fay Bill Time of the last persecution 1970. Esoteric  
Felix, Julie Clotho's web 1971.  R.P.M. Retro Disc.  
Farr, Gary Strange fruit 1971.  Esoteric  
Fairfield parlour From home to home 1970.  Repertoire  
Fat Mattress same 1969.  Esoteric  
Fusion Orchestra Skeleton in Armour 1973.  Walhalla  
Fleetwood Mac The original 1967-68.  Blue Horizo Remasters  
Fleetwood Mac Then play on 1969.  Reprise Warner Bros  
Fruupp Future legends 1973. Irish Esoteric  
Fruupp Seven secrets 1974. Irish Esoteric  
Fruupp The price of heaven's eyes 1974. Irish Esoteric  
Freedom's children Astra 1970.  Lucky Pigs Rec.  
Fuzzy Duck same 1971.  Esoteric  
Flash same 1971. Esoteric  
Fields same 1971.  Esoteric  
Fair Weather Beginning from an end 1971.  Esoteric  
Freedom Freedom at last 1969. Spalax F  
Freedom Through the years 1971. Angel Air  
Free Tons of sobs 1968.  Island  
Free same 1969.  Island  
Free live 1970.  Island  
Furey, Finbar and Eddie (4 album on 2 cd) same 1968. B.G.O  
  Traditional Irish pipe music 1969. B.G.O  
  The lonesome boatman 1969. B.G.O  
  The dawning of the day 1972. B.G.O  
Groundhogs Scrat the surface 1968.  B.G.O.  
Groundhogs Blues obituary 1969. B.G.O  
Groundhogs Thank Christ for the bomb 1970. Fire Records  
Groundhogs Split 1970. E.M.I. Records  
Groundhogs Hogwash 1972. B.G.O.  
Ginhouse same 1971.  Esoteric  
Gentle Giant (2 cd) same ( 1970. B.G.O.  
  Acquiring the taste ( 1971. B.G.O.  
Gentle Giant (2 cd) Three friends ( 1972.  B.G.O.  
  Octpus ( 1972.  B.G.O.  
Gentle Giant In a Glasshouse 1973. Alucard  
Genesis Trespass 1970.  Virgin  
Genesis Nursery Cryme 1971. Virgin  
Genesis Foxtrot 1972.  Virgin  
Genesis Selling England by the pound 1973.   Rhino-Atlantic  
Graham, Davy Folk, Blues & Beyond 1965.  Fledg'ling  
Graham, Davy Midnight man 1966.  Fledg'ling  
Graham, Davy Large as life & twice as natural 1968.  Fledg'ling  
Graham, Davy Hat 1969.  Fledg'ling  
Gryphon (4 album in 2 cd) Raindances / The transatlantic recordings 1973-75. Esoteric  
  Gryphon 1973. Esoteric  
  Midnight Mushrumps 1974. Esoteric  
  Red Queen 1974. Esoteric  
  Raindance 1975. Esoteric  
Giltrap, Gordon A testament of time 1971.  Voice Print  
Giltrap, Gordon Visionary 1976.  Esoteric  
Gringo same 1971.  Won Sin South Korea  
Gnidrolog In spite of Harry's toe nail 1971.  Audio Archives  
Gnidrolog Lady Lake 1972.  Esoteric  
Gnidrolog (2 album in 1 cd) In spite of Harry's toe nail 1971. B.G.O  
  Lady Lake 1972. B.G.O  
Gravy Train same 1970.  Repertoire  
Gravy Train A ballad of a peaceful  1970.  Repertoire  
Gracious (2 cd) same ( 1970.  B.G.O.  
  This...Gracious! ( 1971.  B.G.O.  
Greatest Show on Earth The goings easy 1970.  Esoteric  
Gun (2 album in 1 cd) same 1968.  B.G.O.  
  Gunsight 1969. B.G.O.  
Goliath same 1970.  Estrella Rockera SP  
Ghost When you're dead 1970.  Walhalla  
Galliard Strange pleasure 1969.  Esoteric  
Galliard New Dawn 1970.  Esoteric  
Gopal, Sam Escalator same 1969.  Esoteric  
Gerrard, Denny Sinister Morning 1969.  Esoteric  
Gods Genesis (2 cd) 1968.  Esoteric  
Gygafo Legend of the King Fisher 1973.  Kissing Spell  
Giles Giles & Fripp The cheerful insanity of... 1968.  Esoteric  
Grail same 1971.   Prog Temple  


Radio Gnome Invisible Trilogy (4 cd / book)

Flying teapot (1. cd) 1973. Charly  
  Angels Egg (2. cd) 1973. Charly  
  You (3. cd) 1974. Charly  
  Est-ce-que...? bonus disc (4. cd) 1970 & 73. Charly  
Glasonbury Fayre Festival same (2 cd +dvd) 1971. Akarma  
Greenslade (2 cd) same 1973. Esoteric  
Girlschool (4 cd box) The bronze years 1980-83. Cherry Red  
Hart, Mike Bleeds same 1969.  Cherry Red Records  
Horslips Happy to meet, sorry to part 1972. Irish Wounded Bird Rec. USA  
Horslips The tain 1973. Irish Wounded Bird Rec.USA  
Home same 1972.  Esoteric  
Home Pause for a horse 1971.  Esoteric  
Hart, Tim & Maddy Prior (2 cd) Folk songs of old England vol1-2. 1968.  Castle Music Sanctuary  
  Summer solstice 1971.  Castle Music Sanctuary  
Humblebums: Best of (3 album in 2 cd) First collection of merry melodies 1969. Kaz Rec. UK  
  same 1969. Kaz Rec. UK  
  Open up the door 1970.  Kaz Rec. UK  
Hunter Muskett Everytime you move 1970.  Cherry Tree Rec.  
Hunt & Turner Magic landscape 1972. Saydisc Rec.  
Harper, Roy Stormcock 1971.  Science friction rec.  
Hard meat (2 album in 1 cd) same 1970.  Progressive Line  
  Through a window 1970.  Progressive Line  
High Tide Sea shanties 1969.  Esoteric  
High Tide same 1970.  Esoteric  
Hatfield & the North same 1973.  Esoteric  
Hapshash & the coloured coat Western flier 1969.  B.G.O.  
Heaven  Brass rock 1971.  Esoteric  
Help Yourself Reaffirmation an anthology (2 cd) 1971-73.  Esoteric  
Hannibal same 1970.  Green Tree Rec.  
Haines, Norman Band Den of iniquity 1971.  Esoteric  
Hardin-York Tomorrow today 1969.  R.P.M. Rec.  
Harsh Reality Heaven & Hell 1969. Esoteric  
Hoyle, Linda Pieces of me 1971.  Background  
Hoyle, Linda (2 d) Peces of me 1971. Esoteric  
  The Fetch 2015. Esoteric  
Harwood, Christine Nice to meet miss Christine 1972. Finders Keepers Rec.  
Humble Pie same 1970.  Lemon rec.  
Humble Pie Performance rockin' the fillmore 1971.  A&M rec  
Humble Pie Smokin' 1972.   A&M USA  
Hendrix, Jimi Experience Are you experienced 1967. Sony  
Hendrix, Jimi Experience Axis: Bold as love 1967. Sony  

Hendrix, Jimi Experience

4 cd / Book

Electric Ladyland 1968.  Sony  

Hendrix, Jimi Experience

4 cd / Book

same  1966-70. Sony  
Hendrix, Jimi-Band of Gypsys      5 cd / Box Fillmore east 1969.12.31-1970.01.1. Sony  
Hendrix, Jimi Live at the Isle of Wight-Blue wild Angel 1970. Sony  
Heckstall-Smith, Dick A story ended 1972.  Esoteric  
Hartley, Keef Band Halfbreed 1968. Esoteric  
Hartley, Keef Band The battle of north west six 1969. Esoteric  
Hartey, Keef Band The time is near 1970. Esoteric  
Hartley, Keef Band Overdog 1971. Esoteric  
Hawkwind (2 cd) The space ritual 1972. Parlophone  
Hedgehog Pie same 1974. Big Pink  
Hermans Hermits (2 cd) The very best of  1964-71. Parlophone  
Hollies GReatest hits 1963-95. Parlophone  
Incredible String Band The Hangman's beautiful daughter 1968.  Warner Music Gema Biem  
Incredible String Band (2 cd) Wee tam & The big huge 1968.  B.G.O.  
Imlach, Hamish Cod liver & Orange juice-Anthology 1966-73. Transatlantic  
If 2. 1970.  Repertoire  
If 3. 1971.  Repertoire  
If Europe'72 1972.  Repertoire  
Indian Summer same 1971.  Repertoire  
Isotope same 1973. Esoteric  
Jansch, Bert Jack Orion 1966.  Castle Sanctuary Rec.  
Jansch, Bert Nicola 1967. Castle Sanctuary  
Jansch, Bert Birthday Blues 1968. Castle Sanctuary  
Jansch, Bert Rosemary Lane 1971.  Castle Sanctuary  
Jansch, Bert Moonshine 1972.  Earth  
Jansch, Bert & John Renbourn Bert & John 1966.  Castle Sanctuary  
Johnstons Give a damn 1968-72.  Castle Sanctuary  
Johnstons (3 album in 2 cd) same 1968. Irish B.G.O  (  
  Give a damn 1968. Irish B.G.O  (  
  The barley corn 1968. Irish B.G.O  (  
Jan Dukes de Grey (2 cd) Sorcerers ( 1970.  Cherry Tree Rec  
  Mice & the Rats in the Loft ( 1971.  Cherry Tree Rec  
Justine same 1970.  Sunbeam Rec.  
Jones, Wizz Right now 1972.  Cherry Red Rec.  
Jade (2 cd) Fly on strange wings 1970.  Sunbeam Rec.  
  Bonus Jade 1969-75.  Sunbeam Rec.  
Jethro Tull (3 cd) This Was 1968.  Warner Rec.  
Jethro Tull Stand up 1969.  Chrysalis Rec.  
Jethro Tull (4 cd + 2 dvd) Benefit 1970. Warner Rec.  
Jethro Tull Aqualung 1971.  Chrsalis Rec.  
Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick 1972.  Chrysalis Rec.  
Jethro Tull Living in the past (1968-71.)  1972. WarnerChrysalis  
Jody Grind One step on 1969.  Esoteric  
Jody Grind Far Canal 1970.  Esoteric  
Julians Treatment A time before this 1970.  Esoteric  
Julian Jay Savarin Waiters on the dance 1973.  Esoteric  
Jade Warrior same 1971.  Repertoire  
Jade Warrior Released 1971.  Repertoire  
Jade Warrior Last Autumn's Dream 1972.  Repertoire  
Jade Warrior Eclipse 1973.  Repertoire  
Janus Gravedigger 1972.  World Wide Rec.  
Jonesy (2 cd) No Alternative ( 1972. Esoteric  
  Keeping up ( 1973. Esoteric  
  Growing ( 1973. Esoteric  
Juicy Lucy same 1969. Esoteric  
Juicy Lucy Lie back and enjoy it 1970.  Esoteric  
J.S.D. Band Country of the blind 1971.  Prog. Temple  
Jesus Christ Superstar  same 1970. Universal records  
James, John Four albums on two discs 1970-74. B.G.O  
King Crimson (2 cd) In the court of... 1969.  D.G.M.  
King Crimson In the wake of Poseidon 1970.  Virgin  
King Crimson Lizard 1970.  Virgin  
King Crimson Islands 1971. Virgin  
King Crimson Earthbound 1972. Sanctuary Mastering  
King Crimson Larks Tongues in Aspic 1973. Virgin  
King Crimson Starless & Bible Black 1974. Virgin  
King Crimson Red 1974. Virgin  
Killing Floor same 1970. Repertoire  
Khan Space Shanty 1972.  Esoteric  
Kaleidoscope Faintly Blowing 1968. Repertoire  
Knocker Jungle same 1970.  Acrobat Music UK  
Korner, Alexis Bootleg him 1961-71.  Wounded Bird Rec  
Kelly, Jo-Ann same 1969.  B.G.O.  
Kelly, Jonathan (2 album in 1 cd) Twice around the houses 1972.  B.G.O (  
  Wait till they change the backdrop 1973.  B.G.O (  
Kossoff, Paul Backstreet Crawler 1973.  Island Rec.  
Kinks (2 cd) The ultimate collection  1964-84. Sanctuary  
Led Zeppelin (2 cd) same  1969. Atlantic/Warner Bros.  
Led Zeppelin (2 cd) II. 1969.  Atlantic   
Led Zeppelin (2 cd) III. 1970.  Atlantic   
Led Zeppelin (2 cd) IV. 1971. Atlantic  
Led Zeppelin (2 cd) Houses of the holy 1972. Atlantic  
Led Zeppelin (3 cd) The complete BBC Sessions  1969 & 71.  Atlantic Warner Music  
Led Zeppelin (3 cd) How the west was won  1972. Atlantic Warner Music  
Led Zeppelin (2 cd) The song remains the same  1973. Atlantic   
Led Zeppelin (3 cd) Physical Graffiti 1974.   Atlantic  
Led Zeppelin (2 cd) Presence 1975.  Atlantic  
Led Zeppelin (3 cd) Coda 1968-78. Atlantic  
Locomotive We are everything you see 1969.  Esoteric  
Lindisfarne Nicely out of tune 1970.  Virgin  
Lindisfarne Fog on the tyne 1971.  Virgin  
Love sculpture Blues helping 1968.  Esoteric  
Love sculpture Forms and feelings 1969.  Esoteric  
Leafhound Growers of Mushroom 1971.  Repertoire  
Leigh, Andrew Magician 1970. Sunbeam Rec.  
Little free rock same 1969.  Esoteric  
LULU (2 dc) Shout-The complete Decca recordings 1964-67. Cherry Red  
Matching Mole same + Sessions (2 cd) 1971-72. Esoteric  
Matching Mole Little red record (2 cd) 1972.  Esteric  
Magna Carta same 1969.  Mercury Rec  
Magna Carta Seasons 1970.  Pink Elephant  
Magna Carta  Songs from wasties orchard 1971.  Repertoire  
Magna Carta In concert 1971. Repertoire  
Mr. Fox: (Join us in our game 2 album in 1 cd) same  1970.  Sanctuary rec.  
  The Gypsy  1971.  Sanctuary rec.  
McDonald, Shelagh (2 cd) Album+bonus ( 1970.  Sanctuary rec. UK  
  Stargazer ( 1971.  Sanctuary rec. UK  
Mellow Candle Swaddling Songs 1971. Irish Esoteric  
Matthews Southern Comfort same 1970.  B.G.O.  
Matthews Southern Comfort Second Spring 1970.  B.G.O.  
Magic Carpet same 1971.  Magic Carpet  
Mushroom Early one Morning 1972. Irish Phoenix Rec.  
McAuley, Jackie same 1971.  Esoteric  
Mourning Phase same 1971.  Kissing Spell  
Morris on same 1972.  Fledg'ling  
Son of Morris on same 1976.  Talking Elephant  
Marie Celeste And then Perhaps 1971. Audio Archives  
Mayall, John (2 cd) Back to the Roots 1970. Polydor Universal  
Mayall, Jonh Bluesbreakers Bare Wires 1968. Deram Decca  
Mayall, John Bluesbreakers Blues from Laurel Canyon 1968. Deram Decca  
Mayall, John Empty rooms 1969.  Polydor Universal  
Mayall, John The turning point 1969. B.G.O.  
May Blitz (2 album in 1 cd) same 1970.  B.G.O.  
  Second of May 1971.  B.G.O.  
Marsupilami same 1970.  Esoteric  
Marsupilami Arena 1971.  Esoteric  
Mighty Baby same 1969.  Big Beat Rec.  
Medicine head New bottles old medicine 1970.  Cherry Red Rec.  
McDonald & Giles same 1970. Atlantic EG Rec. Japan  
Man Revelation 1968. Wales Esoteric  
Man 2 Oz's of plastic with the hole in the midde 1969. Wales Esoteric  
Man same 1970. Wales Esoteric  
Man Do you like it here now, are you settling in? 1971. Wales Esoteric  
Man Be good to yourself at least once a day 1972. Wales Esoteric  
Mahavishnu Orchestra The inner mounting flame 1971. (UK-USA) Columbia Sony Music  
Mahavishnu Orchestra Birds of fire 1972. Sony  
Mahavishnu Orchestra Live-Between nothingness & eternity 1973. C.B.S.  
Morgan Nova Solis 1972.  Esoteric  
Martyn, John & Beverly Stormbringer 1969.  Island Masters  
Martyn, John & Beverly The road to ruin 1970.  Island Masters  
Moody Blues Days of future passed 1967. Deram  
Moody Blues (CD+DVD) Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970.  Eagle  
Manfred Mann Chapter Three Volume Two 1970.  Creature Music  
McPhee, Tony and friends (2 cd) Me and the Devil 1968.  B.G.O  
  I asked for water she gave me gasoline 1969.  B.G.O  
Maureeny Wishful Album same 1967.  Zeitgeist  
McWilliams, David Lord Offaly 1972.  Esoteric  
Move  (cd+DVD) Magnetic waves of sound the best of 66-72. 1966-72. Esoteric  
Move (3 cd) same 1968. Esoteric  
Move (2 cd) Shazam  1969.  Esoteric  
Move  (2 cd) Looking on 1970.  Esoteric  
Mogul Thrash same 1970.  Disconforme Sp.  
Mungo Jerry (2 cd) The Dawn singles collection) 1974. Cherry Red  
Mud Mus rock 1974. Cherry Red  
Middle of the Road Best of 1971-72. BMG  
Middle of the Road (3 album in 2 cd) The RCA years 1971-73. Cherry Red  
Natural Acoustic Band (2 album on 1 cd) Learning to live  1972. B.G.O.  
  Branching in 1972. B.G.O  
Nazareth (2 album in 1 cd) same   1971.  Salvo   
  Exercises   1972.  Salvo  
Nucleus: Torrid zone - The Vertigo recordings 1970-75. (6 cd/box): Esoteric   
  Elastic rock 1970.    
  Well talk about it later 1970.    
  Solar Plexus 1971.    
  Belladonna 1972.    
  Labyrinth 1973.    
  Roots 1973.    
  Under the sun 1974.    
  Snakehips etcetera 1975.    
  Alley cat 1975.    
Nirvana Local anaesthetic 1971.  Repertoire  
Nirvana Songs of love & praise 1972. Esoteric  
N.S.U. Turn on or turn me down 1969. Breathless Sanctuary Rec.  
Nice Elegy 1969.  Virgin EMI  
Nice Five bridges 1969.  Virgin  
9.30 Fly same 1972.  Esoteric  
Open Road (2 cd) Windy Daze 1971.-72. Esoteric records  
Oliver Stading Stone  1974. Wooden Hill Rec.  
Oldfileld, Mike Hergest Ridge 1974.  Mercury UMC  
Pentangle (7 cd/box) The albums: 1968-72. Cherry Red  
  same 1968.  Cherry Red   
  Sweet Child live 1968.  Cherry Red  
  Sweet Child studio  1968.  Cherry Red  
  Basket of light 1969.  Cherry Red  
  Cruel Sister 1970.  Cherry Red  
  Reflections 1971.  Cherry Red  
  Solomon's Seal 1972. Cherry Red  
Panama Limited Jug Band same 1969.  Esoteric  
Panama Limited Indian Summer 1970.  Esoteric  
Principal Edwards Magic Theatre (2 album in 1 cd) Soundtrack (same) 1969.  See for Miles Rec.  
  Asmoto running band 1971.  See for Miles  
Prior, Maddy & June Tabor Silly Sisters 1976.  B.G.O  
Pegg, Carolanne same 1973. Esoteric  
Planxty same 1972. Irish Shanachie Rec.  
Planxty The well below the valley 1973. Irish Shanachie Rec.  
Planxty Cold blow and the rainy night 1974. Irish Shanachie Rec.  
Pink Floyd The piper at the gates of dawn 1967. Parlophone  
Pink Floyd A saucerful of secrets 1968.  EMI Rec.  
Pink Floyd Ummagumma Studio 1969.  EMI Rec.  
Pink Floyd Ummagumma Live 1969.  EMI Rec.  
Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother 1970  EMI  
Pink Floyd Meddle 1971.  EMI  
Pink Floyd  Relics 1967-71. EMI  
Pink Floyd Dark side of the Moon 1973. Parlophone  
Pink Floyd Wish you were here 1975. EMI  
Pink Floyd Animals 1976. Parlophone  
Patto (2 cd) same 1970.  Reprtoire  
Patto same 1970. Esoteric  
Patto Hold your fire 1971.  Esoteric  
Patto Roll'em smoke'em put another line out 1972. Esoteric  
Patto Monkey's bum 1973. Esoteric  
Parlour Band Is a friend? 1971. Esoteric  
Paladin same 1971.  Esoteric  
Plus Seven deadly sins 1969.  Free Rec  
Procol Harum (2 cd) same 1967. Esoteric  
Procol Harum (3 cd) Shine on brightly 1968.  Esoteric  
Procol Harum (2 cd) A salty dog 1969. Esoteric  
Procol Harum (2 cd) Home 1970.  Esoteric  
Procol Harum  (3 cd) Broken Barricades 1971.  Esoteric   
Procol Harum Live in concert 1971. Esoteric  
Perfect, Christine The complete blue horizon sessions 1969. Sony B.M.G.  
Peter & the Wolf same 1974. Esoteric  
Pegg, Bob (2 cd) Four Bob Pegg & others  1973-75. B.G.O.  
Quatermass same 1970.  Repertoire  
Quintessence: Move into the light, the complete island recordings (3 album in 2 cd) In Blissful Company 1969.  Esoteric  
  Quintessence 1970.  Esoteric  
  Dive Deep 1971. Esoteric  
Quicksand Home is where I belong 1973. Wales Repertoire  
Rolling Stones Big hits: High tide & green grass 1966. ABKCO Records  
Rolling Stones Through the past darkly 1966-68. 1969. ABKCO Records  
Rolling Stones Aftermath 1966. ABKCO  
Rolling Stones Their Satanic majestic request 1967. ABKCO  
Rolling Stones Beggars banquet 1968. ABKCO  
Rolling Stones Let it bleed 1969. ABKCO  
Renaissance same 1969.  Esoteric  
Renaissance Illusion 1970.  Esoteric  
Renaissance Prologue 1972.  Repertoire  
Renaissance Ashes are burning 1973.  Esoteric  
Renaissance (3 cd/box) Turn of the cards 1974.  Esoteric  
Renaissance Scheherazade & other stories 1975. Repertoire  
Renaissance Live at Carnegie hall 1975. Repertoire  
Renaissance (3cd/ box) Live at Carnegie hall 1975. Esoteric  
Renaissance Novella 1976. Repertoire  
Renaissance British Tour 1976. Major League Rec.  

Renaissance (2 cd + 1 dvd)

Scheherazade and other stories 1975-76 Esoteric  
Renbourn, John Another Monday 1966. Castle Music Sanctuary Rec.  
Renbourn, John Sir John a lot of merrie Englandes... 1968.  Sanctuary  
Renbourn, John The Lady and the Unicorn 1970.  Sanctuary  
Renbourn, John Faro Annie 1971. Sanctuary  
Renbourn, John A maid in Bedlam 1977. Sanctuary  
Rock Workshop same 1970. Angel Air  
Room Pre-Flight 1970.  Progressive Line  
Running Man same 1972.  Repertoire  
Road same 1972.  Free Rec.  
Raw Material Time is 1971.  Repertoire  
Roxy Music (2 cd) same 1972.  Virgin Rec.  
Roxy Music For your pleasure 1972.  Virgin Rec.  
Roxy Music Stranded 1973. Virgin Rec.  
Rumplestilskin same 1970.  Repertoire  
Rare Bird  (6 cd/box) Beautiful Scarlet 1969-75.  Esoteric  
Steeleye Span Hark! The village wait 1970.  Castle UK  
Steeleye Span Please to see the King 1971.  Shanachie  
Steeleye Span Ten man mop 1971.  Shanachie  
Steeleye Span Below the salt 1972.  Shanachie  
Steeleye Span Parcel of rouges 1973.  Shanachie  
Steeleye Span Now we are six 1974.  Shanachie  
Strawbs same 1969.  A & M Rec. Universal  
Strawbs Dragonfly 1970.  A & M Rec. Universal  
Strawbs (live) Just a collection of antiques & curios 1970. A & M Rec. Universal  
Strawbs From the Witchwood 1971.  A & M Rec.  
Strawbs with Sandy Danny All our own work 1967. Storyville Rec.  
Spirogyra St. Radigunds 1971.  Esoteric  
Spirogyra Old boot wine 1972. Esoteric  
Spirogyra Bells boots & shambles 1973.  Esoteric  
Spirogyra Burn the bridges (Demo tapes) 1970-71.  Repertoire  
Softley,Mick (2 cd) Sunrise ( 1970.  B.G.O  
  Street singer ( 1971.  B.G.O  
String Driven Thing same 1972. Scotland Ozit Rec.  
Srting Driven Thing (2 cd) The machine that cried 1973. Scot. Ozit Rec   
Sweeney's Men  Anthology 1967-73. 1967-73. Irish Castle Sanctuary  
  Track's of sweeney 1969. Irish Castle Sanctuary   
Synanthesia same 1969.  Sunbeam  
Sallyangie (2 cd) Children of the sun 1968.  Sanctuary  
Stewart, Al Love Chronicles 1969. Scottish Rhino Rec. USA  
St. John, Bridget Ask me no questions 1969. Cherry Red. rec.  
Sun also rises same 1970.  Saydisc Rec.  
Shide & Acorn Under the tree 1971.  Kissing Spell  
Spriguns Revel Weird & Wild 1976.  Acme Rec Universal  
Spriguns Time will pass 1977.  Esoteric  
Stackridge same 1971.  Angel Air  
Skin Alley (2 cd) same ( 1969. Esoteric  
  To pagham & beyond  1970. Esoteric  
  Stop Veruschka ( 1970.  Esoteric  
Skin Alley Two quid deal? 1972.09.  Ecoteric  
Savoy Brown (2 cd) Collection 1967-78.  Decca  
Savoy Brown (2 cd) Shake down 1967.  B.G.O  
  Getting to the point 1968. BGO  
Savoy Bown (2 cd) Blue Matter ( 1969.  B.G.O  
  A Step Further ( 1969.  B.G.O  
Savoy Brown (2 abum in 1 cd) Raw Sienna  1970.  B.G.O  
  Looking in  1970.  B.G.O  
Sam Apple Pie same 1969. Angel Air UK  
Still life same 1970.  Repertoire  
Stray same 1970.  Castle Sanctuary  
Steel Mill The green eyed God 1971.  Green Tree   
Spring same 1971.  Esoteric (2 cd)  
Skid row 34 Hours 1971. Irish Repertoire  
Stud same 1971. Irish Esoteric  
Samurai same 1971.  Esoteric  
Steamhammer Speech 1972. Repertoire  
Steamhammer MK II 1969.  Repertoire  
Satisfaction same 1970.  Esoteric  
Sutch, Lord and heavy friends same 1969. Esoteric  
Sassafras Expecting company 1973. Wales Esoteric  
Spooky Tooth (2 cd) Lost in my dream - an Anthology 1968.-74. UK Esoteric  
Soft Machine Third 1970.  Sony BMG  
Spontaneous Combustion Triad 1972.  Esoteric  
Snafu same 1973.  Repertoire  
Status Quo Piledriver 1972.  Universal-Mercury  
Status Quo Hello! 1973.  Mercury-Universal  
Status Quo (2 cd) On the level 1975. Mercury  
Stone the Crows (2 album in 1 cd) same 1970.  Angel Air  
  Ode to John Law 1970. Angel Air  
Stone the Crows (2 cd) Radio Sessions 1969-72.  Angel Air  
Stone the Crows (2 album in 2 cd) Teenage licks 1971. Angel Air  
  Ontinuous performance 1972. Angel Air  
Stack Waddy: The complete works 1970-72- (3 cd/box) Stack Waddy 1971. Cherry Red  
  Bugger off 1972. Cherry Red  
  BBC in concert 1971. Cherry Red  
Second Hand Death maybe your Santa Claus 1970. Esoteric  
Shadows Original album series  5 cd 1962-66. Warner  
  The Shadows 1962.    
  Out of the Shadows 1962.    
  Dance with the Shadows 1964.    
  The Sound of the Shadows 1965.    
  Shadow Music 1966.    
Sweet Funny how... 1971. Sony  
Sweet Fanny Adams 1974. Sony  
Sweet The lost singles 1971-77. Sony  
Taste (I'll remember 4cd/box) same 1969. Irish Polydor  (  
  On the boards 1970. Polydor            (  
  Live in Konserthuset Stockholm & B.B.C. live in concert 1970. Polydor (  
  The Belfast early sessions 1967. & live at Woburn Abbey Festival UK 1968. Polydor (  
Taste Live at the Isle of Wight 1970. Polydor UK  
Taste live (Montreux Casino) 1970.  Polydor UK   
Third Ear Band  (2 cd) Alchemy 1969. Esoteric  

Third Ear Band:1970-71.    (3 cd)

Elements 1970. Esoteric  
  Abelard & Helois 1970. Esoteric  
  BBC 1971. Esoteric  
Third Ear Band Macbeth 1971. Esoteric  
Third Ear Band The Magus 1972.  Angel Air UK  
Trees Garden of Jane Delawney 1970.  Sony BMG  
Trees (2 cd) On the shore 1970. Sony BMG.  
Tir na nog same 1971.  B.G.O  
Tir na nog (2 album in 1 cd) A tear and a smile 1972.  B.G.O.  
  Strong in the sun 1973.  B.G.O  
Trader Horne Morning Way 1970.  Esoteric Rec.  
Tudor Lodge same 1971.  Repertoire Rec.  
Tudor Lodge same 1971.  Esoteric Rec.  
Tea & Symphony An Asylum for the musically insane 1969.  Esoteric Rec  
Tea & Symphony Jo Sago 1970.  Footprint Rec.  
Ten Years After Undead 1968. Universal Deram  
Ten Years After Stonehenge 1969.  Decca Universal  
Ten Years After (2 cd) Live at the fillmore East 1970. Chrysalis EMI  
Ten Years After Cricklewood green 1970. Chrysalis  
Ten Years After A space in time 1971.  Chrysalis   
Ten Years After (2 cd) Recorded live 1973. Chrysalis  
Ten Years After Positive vibrations 1974. Chrysalis  
Titus Groan same 1970.  Esoteric  
Three Man Army A third of a lifetime 1971.  Esoteric  
Traffic On the road 1973.  Island Masters  
T2 It'll all work out in Boomland 1970. Japán  
T2 (3 cd) It'll all work out in Boomland 1970.-71 Esoteric  
Toe Fat (2 cd) same 1970.  B.G.O.  
  Two 1970.  B.G.O  
Thuderclap Newman Hollywood Dream 1970.  Esoteric  
Tractor same 1972.  Repertoire  
Tonton Macoute same 1971.  Repertoire  
Tempest same 1972. Esoteric  
Tempest Living in Fear 1973.  Esoteric  
Trifle First meeting 1970. Esoteric  
Trower, Robin Twice removed from yesterday 1973.  B.G.O  
Trower, Robin Bridge of Sighs 1974.  EMI  
Trower, Robin    (2 cd) For earth below 1975.    B.G.O. (  
  Live 1975. B.G.O  (  
Thompson, Richard & Linda I want to see the bright lihts tonight 1974.  Universal Island  
Thompson, Richard & Linda Pour down like silver 1975.  Universal Island  
Thompson, Richard & Linda Hokey Pokey 1974.  Island Remasters  
Third world war same 1970.  Esoteric  
Tomorrow Featured Keith West 1968. Parlophone  
Trapeze You are the music... 1972. Lemon records  
Tear Gas same 1971. Esoteric  
Them (3 cd) Complete Them  1964-67. Sony  
Uriah Heep Very 'eavy very 'umble 1970.  Sanctuary Midline  
Uriah Heep (2 cd) Salisbury 1971.  Sanctuary  
Uriah Heep (2 cd) Look at yourself 1971.  Sanctuary  
Uriah Heep Demons & Wizards 1972.  Polygram USA  
Uriah Heep (2 cd) The Magican's birthday 1972. Sanctuary  
U.F.O Flying 1971.  Repertoire  
Unicorn Uphill all the way 1971.  Cherry Tree UK  
Uncle Dog Old hut 1972. Prog Temple  
Vinegar Joe (3 cd box) Fine things 1972.-1973. Esoteric records  
Van Der Graaf Generator Aerosol Grey Machine 1968.  Repertoire  
Woods Band same 1971. Irish Retro Disc.  
Wild Turkey Turkey 1972.  Esoteric  
Walrus same 1970. Esoteric  
Wicked Lady The Axeman cometh 1969-72.  Kissing Spell  
Wicked Lady Psychotic overkill 1972.  Kissing Spell  
Web I spider 1970.  Esoteric  
Way we live A candle for Judith 1971.  Expertise Rec.  
Wishbone Ash Argus 1972.  MCA Universal  
West Bruce Laing Live in Kickin 1973. UK-USA Esoteric  
Writing on the wall Power of the Picts 1969.  Repertoire  
Warhorse Red Sea 1972.  Angel Air  
Watersons For pence and spicy ale 1975.  Topic  
Who (5 cd/BOX) Maximum As&Bs: The complete singles  1964-2014. Polydor  
Who Tommy 1969 Polydor  
Who Live at Leeds 1970. Polydor  
Who Who's next 1971. Universal  
Who (2 cd) Quadrophenia 1973. Polydor  
Wakeman, Rick The six wives of Henry VIII. 1973.  A&M Rec. USA  
Wakeman, Rick King Arthur 1974-75.  U.M.G.  
Darryl Way's Wolf Canis Lupus 1973.  Esoteric  
Darryl Way's Wolf Saturation point 1973.  Esoteric  
Darryl Way's Wolf Night Music 1974.  Esoteric  
Yardbirds The BBC sessions 1965-68. Repertoire  
Yardbirds Over under sideways down 1966. Repertoire  
Yardbirds Yardbirds'68 1968. Jimmy Page  
Yardbirds (4 cd+dvd/ box) Live and rare 1964-68. Repertoire  
Yardbirds (3 cd) Live at the BBC revisited 1964-68. Repertoire  
Yes Time and a word 1970. Warner  
Yes The Yes album 1970. Warner  
Yes Fragile 1971.  Warner-Elektra  
Yes Close to the Edge 1972.  Warner  
Yes (2 cd) Yessongs 1972. Warner  
Yes (2 cd+2 dvd / box) Tales from topografic oceans 1973. Warner  
Young Tradition (3 album in 2 cd) Same  1966.  B.G.O. (  
  So cheerfully round  1967.  B.G.O. (  
  Galleries 1968.  B.G.O. (